Rights Respecting School Award (RRSA)

What is a Rights Respecting School?
The Rights Respecting School Award (RRSA) is an initiative run by UNICEF (UK), which encourages schools to place the UN Convention on the Rigths of the Child (CRC) at the heart of its ethos and curriculum. A Rights Respecting School not only teaches about children's rights, it also models rights and respect in all its relationships, whether between children or between children and adults.

A Brief Summary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child    
The Convention says what countries must do so that children can grow as healthy as possible, can learn at school, receive protection, have their views listened to, and are treated fairly.

Article 1 and 2 All children throughout the world have these rights.
Article 6 Children have a right to live.
Article 7 and 8 Children have a name.
Article 9 Children should live with their parents or someone who cares for them.
Article 12 Children should be listened to and be able to say what they think about things.
Article 13 Children should be able to find out things.
Article 14 Children should be able to worship as they wish.
Article 15 Children should be able to meet together and have friends.
Article 19 Children should be safe from harm. No child should be hurt by a grown up or a child.
Article 23 Children in need of special care should get it.
Article 24 Children should have clean water, food that is good for them, a clean place to live and good health care.
Article 28 Children should be able to go to school.
Article 31 Children should be allowed to play.
Article 32 Children should not be allowed to do dangerous work.
Article 36 Children should be protected from activities that stop them from growing up in a healthy, happy way.
Article 42 Everyone, children and adults, should know about children’s rights.

Download the full childrens version of the CRC HERE

Latest News

Heart of Tamworth
This year our school is supporting a local charity, strengthening links with our Catholic Parish.  The Heart of Tamworth (H.O.T.) is a community project working across all age groups and serves the people of Tamworth and local towns (irrespective of faith).  H.O.T. is volunteer-led and offers a variety of services to the local community.  For further information about the project, please click the on this LINK.

We are delighted to announce that following our school Lenten Fundraising appeal, together we have raised a wonderful £1,909.87 - this money has been donated to Heart of Tamworth.  Thank you and well done.

Chinthowa Development Trust
During 2016 as part of our rights respecting work, we supported our link school in Chinthowa, Malawi raising a wonderful £780 towards the purchase of solar panels to enable the pupils in Chinthowa to use the computers that we sent to them the previous year. 

On Monday 16th June 2016, the children took part in a Change for Chinthowa Day in school, where they brought in loose change and created a line of coins which spanned over 100 metres.  We are delighted to announce that the funds raised from this event was a wonderful £150, which will be forwarded onto the Chinthowa Development Trust.

If you would like to find out more about the Chinthowa Development Trust, please click on this LINK.

Rights Respecting Mascot

St Elizabeth's pupils took part in a competition to design a child friendly mascot to help identify with our learning

and understanding of children's rights.  Please meet 'Ollie the Rights Respecting Owl'.