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Published by: | Date: 30th September 2020

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Dear Parent,

As you are probably aware, children have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument during the school day. Excel Music Schools Ltd has been providing tuition on the electronic keyboard in school for many years and it has always proven to be extremely popular. (Please note that availability is subject to enough interest.)

The cost for a music lesson for each instrument is £30-00 per half term and each lesson lasts for 20 minutes. This is based on an average half term length of 6 weeks although some may be slightly longer or shorter than this. An Electronic Keyboard will be available for use in school. Once started, lessons are ongoing and should your child not wish to continue lessons then this must be confirmed to us by a parent in writing before the first day of the new half term otherwise the full fee for that half term is due. Please note that keyboard lessons are available to children in year 1 & above. Many children have taken exams offered by ABRSM with several working towards grades 3, 4 and 5. Please note that children are taught in small groups of up to 4.

If you would like your child to start having lessons on the electronic keyboard you will need to register online at www.excelmusicschools.com and make full payment for the first half term. Payment can be made by card through our website or by BACS to SC: 20-15-96  A/C 90734306. Subsequent half terms will be invoiced by email and/or text.

Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (@excelmusic). Please subscribe to our YouTube channel – you will find some demonstrations of the teaching materials available here. 

Please note that lessons will commence at the beginning of a half term and not part way through.


Yours sincerely,


S. D. Mansfield

Stephen Mansfield - Director of Excel Music Schools Ltd.

    Excel Music Schools Limited – registered no. 4850057 in England

Registered Office 4 Redhill Lodge Road, Newhall, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, De11 0NZ

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