Pre school update

Published by: | Date: 12th June 2020

Dear Parents of Pre-School,

We have been delighted to welcome back many of the children into Pre-School over the last two weeks.  We feel that they have settled well into their new routines and have enjoyed being reunited with their friends and teachers.

Due to government guidance there have been some changes made to our arrangements.  We would like to update you on our current arrangements and answer some of the questions you may have about the changes we have put in place to keep your child safe.

If your child is in Pre-School then please drop them at the Pre-School gate at 9.00am where a member of the Pre-School team will be there to greet them. Unfortunately, at this time parents will not be allowed to go into the Pre-School with children and will have to leave them at the Pre-School gate where they will walk into their class. Please remember to adhere to socially distancing measures put in place by school and adhere to the 2 metre distance at all times.

If you have any messages for the members of staff we would appreciate if these can be communicated to us via email or by phone. You are very welcome to call the Pre-School number on 01827 214004 or contact us via email at  We are attempting to ensure that the one-way system and staggered drop off and collection times allow parents, children and staff to stay as safe as possible.

Your child is not required to wear uniform during this half-term and may wear their own comfortable clothing suitable for play. They will need to wear sensible footwear with velcro fastenings that they can run about in, not sandals. They are encouraged to bring a coat as we will be playing outside. This will be returned every night. We ask that children wear clean clothes every day.

Your child will need to bring a water bottle – which needs to be taken home every night and cleaned - water bottles will be refilled by staff during the day if needed. School bags are not required. If the weather is sunny and warm please apply an all-day sun lotion and provide your child with a sun hat.

If your child is staying for lunch then you will either need to pay for a school lunch via ParentPay or provide your child with packed lunch. Children will need to be able to easily open any packets or containers in their lunch boxes.  

The fruit scheme has been suspended during this period so we ask that you provide your child with a piece of fruit or a healthy alternative each day. We ask that you do not send any snacks that contain nuts due to allergies.

Your child may need a set of spare clothes in case of an accident; these clothes will stay in school unless they are needed. Please send the spare clothes in a named carrier bag.

All of our staff are paediatric first aid trained and will continue to follow the same procedures as they had previously, however they will wear gloves and a plastic apron and they may wear a face covering when administering first aid that requires them to be close to your child.  We ask that if your child displays any symptoms of covid-19 such as a cough or high temperature they remain at home and that you seek advice from 111 about testing and isolation.  If your child displays any symptoms whilst in Pre-school you will be contacted immediately to collect your child. 

We hope parents, children and staff can continue to work together during these difficult times to ensure our children remain as happy and safe as possible.  Thank you for your support in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs M G Martin, Mrs N. Kijak and Miss R Dolman

Pre-School Supervisor and Pre-School Staff

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