Our Virtues and the Catholic School Profile

Our virtue for Autumn 2018  is Compassionate and loving

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Compassionate and Loving

Our virtue for the second half of Autumn 2018  is ​Faith-filled and hopeful.

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Faith-Filled and hopeful 


The Catholic Schools Profile

At St Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School we have a rich and diverse Catholic Life programme; we believe our faith permeates all we do for and with our children. Prayer, Sacramental Preparation, the lives of the Saints, SMSVC and Collective Worship are all active elements of Catholic Life. From September 2015 St Elizabeth’s has adopted the Archdiocese of Birmingham's Catholic Schools Profile. This means we will be working together across all phases of the school to look at those values and virtues that come from the Gospel and teachings of Jesus.
These values and virtues are taken from the Jesuit Institute which is rooted in the teachings of St Ignatius. They have created a Pupil Profile in which 8 pairs of complementary words have been placed together. The Archdiocese of Birmingham have allowed to use the Jesuit material and have renamed it the Catholic Schools Profile.
Each half term the whole school will focus on one pair of words; we will spend time reflecting on the meaning of the words; how we see these values in action in our lives and in the lives of others and how we can work to encapsulate these values in our lives.
All classes will discuss the meaning of these words; during whole school assemblies and Masses we will consider what they mean and will take time to reflect, quietly and peacefully, together so that we can listen carefully and try to hear the inner callings of our hearts.
Each half-term two pupils per class are chosen by their teacher to receive recognition of how they have demonstrated the chosen virtues for that half-term.  They are presented with a certificate at the virtues assembly.