Our Collective Worship and Prayer

Collective worship is central to our school.  Each week there are a number of opportunities to share in prayer and times of worship.  Our school week begins with a whole school collective worship, based on the Gospel.  Each class then plans its own collective worship to be shared that week as a class.  Mass takes place fortnightly in our school, this is led by the children.  Daily prayer in each classroom takes place 4 times a day, morning, before and after lunch and hometime.  Each class has its own prayer book which is shared with parents.  Each class also has its own prayer bag which is taken home by each child in the class at some point during the school year. 

Our School Prayer 

Our School Prayer was written by the children of our school and we are proud to say it as part of our act of worship.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for all of the things you have given us -   our families, our friends, our school and everyone who works and learns with us.

Thank you for giving us the gift of being able to help others. 

Bless us all as we listen, learn and grow with Jesus.


​Our daily prayers


All children will learn these prayers from Reception.  In addition to these, there are specific prayers each year group will learn.  These are in the class prayer books that are issued at the beginning of each year.  If you want an additional copy of the prayer book for your child's Year group, please contact the school office / class teacher.

Here are some photographs of our children taking part in Acts of Worship or exploring their faith through a variety of experiences.  

Reception children are helping to prepare their own Collective worship.


In Year One, the children created their own psalm for creation.  ​


Year One prepare their own collective worship for the Month of October, focusing upon the Rosary.

A child in Year 2 is taking some time to reflect. 


Year 3 are taking part in a lesson about belonging to the church - Baptism.  


Year 3 are enjoying preparing a Collective Worship through music.  They composed their own psalm.  


Year 4 enjoyed researching a Saint and were then able to prepare and share a collective worship about their chosen saint. 

Year 5 plan and prepare their collective worship and enjoy sharing it with each other.  They have recently planned and shared our school Harvest Mass.  Year 5 also really enjoy preparing and sharing Collective worship in a variety of ways including the use of quiet prayer and drama. 

Year 6 enjoy preparing, sharing and evaluating Collective Worship as a class.


 A recent Collective worship helped them to reflect upon the Mission of our School.