Our Catholic Life

The Catholic life of our school is central to all we do at St. Elizabeth’s.

Our mission statement reflects our dedication to the teachings of Christ.

​"We listen, learn and grow with Jesus"

St Elizabeth’s is a Catholic school with Christ’s teachings at the heart of all we do.


"May the children of the Church be like olive branches around the table of our Lord".

Our School Council are very proud of the work that they carry out in our school.  Here they are pictured with our new Altar. 

Our Altar was blessed in Febraury 2018. 

​Our Eco Team are working very hard to care for God's world.  They enjoy working in our school prayer garden and taking care of our school environment.  They are very proud of the work they carry out and they value the gifts that God gives to our beautiful world.

​Our virtues team work together to present the theme for each half term.  They do this by sharing a collective worship with the whole school and then celebrate the acheivements of individuals who show the qualities relating to each virture.  

​Our children enjoy sharing their faith with others. One of the most important jobs in school is to become a Prayer Partner.  Our Year 6 pupils are paired with Reception children to support them in Masses, Collective Worship, prayers and they become good friends. 


​Sharing in Collective Worship is an important part of our week.  Weekly whole school and class based worship is an integtal part of our Catholic life.  Here are some of photographs of the classes taking part in Collective worship. 

The children of our Reception Class enjoy exploring the different aspects of Catholic Life.  They are recognising the signs and symbols of Mass and are able to share prayers together as part of Collective worship.  Children in Reception use Role Play as part of their learning experience and enjoy talking about their learning in their RE lessons.  

In Year 1, the children are learning to plan and share their own Collective Worship.  Here is a group of children working on a service about Forgiveness.

​Year 2 have enjoyed sharing their Collective Worship through Role Play. Here they are sharing some of the Miracles of Jesus.

Year 3 are focusing on their role in the Church and vocations.  Some of our children will receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion.  This is another step on their journey of faith.  For the children who do not receive these Sacraments, they support them in their journey by becoming their faith friends.  


Our Year 4 pupils meet independently during their own lunchtime to plan a Collective Worship for their class.  They take turns to prepare these services in small groups and then share them each Friday.  They work on a different theme each week and prepare their own readings and prayers.  


Our children in Year 4 and Year 5 shared a very moving presentation of the Stations of the Cross during Holy Week.  

Year 6 are reflecting on the work of the Holy Spirit. This is an important part of the Year 6 curriculum as some of the children will be preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation. 


​Each class has its own Catholic life album.  Here are a selection of photographs from our class Albums.  

Reception Class

​Year One

​Year Two

Year Three


Year Four 

Year Five 

Year Six



We look forward to sharing more of our experiences soon.