Our School Saints - Learn more

Our School Saint, St Elizabeth inspires us to work hard, no matter what challenges we may face.  Our School belongs in the Parish of St John the Baptist, Elizabeth's Son.  St John the Baptist Baptised Jesus.  We are the family of St Elizabeth's and the family of God.

​OCTOBER 2018 - We Celebrated our Saints by holding a SAINT's WEEK - scroll down to see more!

The Gospel Saints inspire us to work hard as a team.  Each week we collect house points for our teams.  We belong to one of the four houses:  St Luke, St Mark, St Matthew and St John. 

Our Class Saints

​​Each class has a Class Saint.  They inspire us in our faith and in our education. 

In Reception we pray especially to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

In Year One we follow St Peter, a special friend to Jesus.

In Year Two, our class Saint is St Lucy.

In Year Three, we are inspired by Blessed Imelda Lambertini.

In Year Four we follow St Francis of Assisi.

In Year Five we follow St John the Baptist

In Year Six we follow St Bridget.


SAINT'S WEEK - October 2018

We celebrated our Class Saint by learning about their life and how they can inspire us.  We took part in some fabulous activies including art, music, sewing, computing and writing.  Year 5 and Year 6 even went Speed Sainting!   

Here are some of our children in Reception learning about their class saint.


Year One learnt about their class Saint - St Peter and said that St Peter was a good example of how to be a good friend.  We painted some portraits of him.   We also paired up with Year 2 to create a chant about all of our special saints in school.  We also used pastel crayons to draw our school saint - St Elizabeth.

Year Two learnt about their class Saint - St Lucy and also our school Saint - St Elizabeth.  Here are some of the children painting a Saint. 

Year Three were busy learning about their Saint - Imelda Lambertini as well as researching the Gospel Saints.  They have created some beautiful banners to place over our lecturn in Mass.   Here are the children preparing these. You can also see us researching our Class Saint.

Year 4 have created a fabulous Saints' gallery to help us all learn about different Saints.  For this they researched different Saints and painted portraits of them. 


Year 5 enjoyed 'Speed Sainting'.  This was a research project that then became a 'get to know' a Saint session.  

Year Six also enjoyed some speed sainting.