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Parent Overview Summer 2022 - Why do zebras have stripes? and Who lives in a rock pool?
Parent Overview Autumn 2022 - Why do ladybirds have spots? and Why are carrots orange?
Parent Overview Autumn 2021 - Will you read me a story? and Are we there yet?


Maths Overview
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Summer 2019

During the summer term all our children enjoyed taking part in an art day.  The Reception winner of the art competition is pictured below.

Spring 2019

What a busy half term we have had. We started off by celebrating the feast day of our school Saint "Saint Elizabeth" and we invited our friends from Year 1 and Year 2 to join us for a party. We organised games and we had music and prizes and it was lots of fun! We have also been looking at the special sacrament of Baptism and looked at lots of pictures from when we were baptised as babies. As well as this we have been celebrating the season of Advent and preparing for the birth of Jesus by putting on our Christmas nativity and sharing the most important story of all with our friends and family. 

Our space topic was very exciting and we have been building our own space ships and even made a video using the iPads about our space ships. We changed our maths area to snowmen by looking at 2D shapes as well as practicing adding two sets of numbers and counting amounts and matching the correct numeral to our counting. In our writing lessons we have been focusing on our handwriting and spelling cvc words and even started learning digraph sounds!



Autumn 2018

During the Autumn term 2018 Reception have been focusing on stories and traditional tales. The main focus has been on the story of Goldilocks and Three Bears. The children have been cutting our tales into beginning, middle and end parts as well as and creating stories using character bags and story puppets from our local library.

Baby bear sent us a class email too! He was very sad about his broken chair and empty bowl and we discussed how our actions could upset others and during our collective worship and circle times we have been focusing on being a good friend. We also cheered baby bear up by making porridge and following instructions, it was so delicious!

We have been busy bees with our phonics too and learning lots of new sounds and working hard to recognise those sounds by mark making in the sand tray and building words using the magnetic letters, matching cvc pictures and flash cards and writing cvc words on whiteboards. 



Summer 2018

Reception have been learning a lot about animals this term and to celebrate we had a class trip to Twycross Zoo. We saw lots of animals from our jungle songs we have been learning and we had a workshop all about insects, mammals and reptiles.

We had so much fun looking at the different animals and learning about where they live and what they eat.



As part of our collective worship we have been looking at Jesus being the shepherd and us being the sheep. We follow the word and teachings of Jesus just like the sheep follow the shepherd. Our visit from Dan Callow was very reflective and helped us to understand Jesus’ message through songs, prayer and activities all about Jesus the Shepherd.

To end our Summer term we took part in a beach party to celebrate a fantastic year in reception. We played games, had a raffle as well as created beach jewellery and bubble machines and a sloppy sensory walk where we took our shoes off and got very messy!

Spring 2018

This half term we have been thinking about the question "Why do Zebras have stripes?" we have been looking at different animals including, forest, jungle and domestic pets.  We have been creating masks and writing descriptions of zoo animals as well as invites for a zoo party.  We have also been looking at our British Values and SMSC links to Chinese New Year and Shrove Tuesday by cooking our own pancakes, making Chinese dragon paper chains, Chinese money envelopes and Chinese flags with symbols of the different animals.


Autumn One 2017

During the Autumn term 2017 Reception have been looking at traditional tales, in particular the story of Goldilocks and Three Bears. The children have been exploring the beginning middle and end of the story and creating their own stories using character bags while focusing on sequencing the story.

We received a letter from baby bear who was very sad and we discussed how our actions could upset others and we spoke about how we could make baby bear feel better and decided to make porridge for baby bear…it was so delicious!

We have also been busy learning lots of new sounds and working hard to recognise those sounds by mark making in the sand tray and building words using the magnetic letters.




As well as this we have been exploring our faith and taking part in prayer services to our class saint Mary. 

We have had so much fun settling in and making friends through playing and exploring using the sand trays, water trays and mud kitchen.

2016 - Reception have spent this half term settling into school.  We have made friends, started following routines and rules and we have developed our sharing skills.  We have enjoyed our topic 'Will you tell us a story?'  We made porridge for the Three Bears and made a new chair for poor Baby Bear!