Year Four


Parent Overview Summer 2022 - Traders and raiders and Blue abyss
Parent Overview Spring 2022 - Traders and raiders and Mountains
Parent Overview Autumn 2021 - Road trip USA and I am warrior


Y4 Maths Overview
Y4 English Overview 

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Summer Term 2019

During the summer term all our children enjoyed taking part in an art day.  The Year 4 art competition winner is pictured below.

Spring Term 2019

During our Commando Joe lessons we learned about Bear Grylls  and the survival techniques he used while in the SAS, during one of these sessions we developed the skill of orientation. In our groups we had to memorise a 3d map and describe to the rest of our group what the map looked like. We then had to construct the map, using blocks, from memory. It was really challenging!


Our Science theme was Electricity we enjoyed learning about how circuits worked and it was great to conduct our experiments, creating and testing our own circuits in groups. We had the chance to test our classmates by drawing circuits for them to construct. Some of us added motors and buzzers to our diagrams. 


Autumn Term 2018

This term year 4 have taken part in lots of exciting activities. We have worked hard on a leaf Erikson mission with Commando Joe, started working with the exciting online game Times Table Rock Stars.


During our Saint’s week Year 4 researched our favourite Saint’s and produced some super portraits of them.


We also had chance to take our stage 1 Bikeability test. It was really tricky!

Summer Term 2018

We have had a fabulous time this term in Year 4. To introduce our new topic of the Normans we ventured back in time and visited Warwick Castle. We learnt so much about the Normans, especially how they built their castles for defensive purposes and how they lived throughout that historical era. The children and I learnt a lot on our trip and observed different birds of prey in action!  As part of our topic, we researched and observed the Bayeux tapestry and understood that it is a living timeline of the Normans achievements. This inspired us to create our own tapestry using different embroidery techniques. To finish of this topic, we recently designed, constructed and evaluated our own castles with a working drawbridge!

In science, we have been investigating different states of matter. This included experimenting with chocolate and different forms of water and materials! The children really enjoyed learning about how states can be reversed and the scientific terminology used to describe each state. We even investigated how long different materials would take to evaporate in the sun by hanging them on our home-made washing line!

In maths, we have been applying learnt skills and strategies in to reasoning and problem solving scenarios. One of the favourite areas of learning was properties of shape. The children enjoyed working collaboratively to physically construct different shapes and then have to name all the properties of that shape including the amount  angles, lines of symmetry,  the names of the different angles it could have and if the shape was regular or irregular. It got very competitive!




Spring Term 2018

We have been very busy in Year 4 this term.  We had an unexpected visitor to the school in the form of a dragon! The dragon left footprints and scorch marks on the benches and playground and came to our school to lay her eggs. In English we interviewed Mr Haywood; as he was an eye witness to the incident;  and then became newspaper reporters composing our own articles for our class newspaper ‘The St Elizabeth’s Gazette’.

In connection with enlist, in art we designed and created our own dragon eye. We researched a range of dragons and their appearances and constructed the eye of our dragon using clay. We used intricate repeating patterns on the clay for effect.

In science we investigated how we could transport eggs from different heights to the floor, without touching the egg. This investigation got very messy! The children worked in pairs to design and construct their own methods of transporting the eggs safely. They used a range of different materials to support their theories and had to evaluate and assess the effectiveness of their designs.

We have had a lot of fun in maths this term. We have been looking at measurements specifically angles. Using the desks in our classroom, we reasoned and identified different sized angles and how they can be identified quickly by understanding their properties. From this, we transferred our understanding of angles in to one of our favourite pass times – dabbing! We performed  different dabs and measured the size of the angle identifying if the angle was more or less than a right angle.

Autumn Term 2017

Year 4 has been extremely busy this half term. In mathematics we have been focussing on area and perimeter. We have used a range of problem solving and reasoning skills to investigate the area and perimeter of different 2d and compound shapes, extending our learning to incorporate algebra.

Our science topic was based on digestion this half term. We have had a lot of fun learning about the different parts of the digestive system and each part does. We have reconstructed the digestive system in our experiment of making our own poo! This supported our understanding of the importance of the function of each part of the digestive system. We further investigated the first part of digestion; which starts in the mouth using the teeth and saliva; and explored and analysed the effects of different liquids on the enamel of the teeth. This experiment was very smelly as we recreated it by using eggs, which represented the enamel on your teeth. The results were very shocking. This was further supported by a visit from the dentist! The dentist explained the importance of oral hygiene and was extremely impressed by our knowledge of teeth!

We have had a lot of fun learning about our topic The Blue Abyss. We became Blue Planet reporter’s focussing on what we had found out through researching Jacque Cousteau’s accomplishments. We looked at the effects of pollution and over population on the destruction of coral in different parts of the world. We analysed and constructed the layers of the ocean identifying the habitats of animals and plant life in each layer.



Autumn One 2017

Year 4 have been very busy this half term. In mathematics we have been looking at different strategies to add and subtract. We have taken our learning deeper by using the bar model and the part whole model,  whereby we have to understand place value before we can even think about adding or subtracting numbers. In our science topic, we have been looking at electricity. We have identified and name different appliances and understood how electricity can be made naturally. We have designed, constructed and evaluated our own investigations looking at insulators and conductors by constructing a simple circuit. This half term we have had the luxury of cooking American style pretzels in Design & Technology. This linked to our topic on ‘USA Road trip’. We took a flight simulation to New York City and learnt all about the physical and human features of the famous landmarks of America.



Autumn One 2016

Please find some pictures of the activities children have been enjoying during the first term in school, including drawings upon our topic Road Trip USA.