Year Five



Parent Overview Summer 2022 - Off with her head and Environmental issues - How can we save our world?
Parent Overview Spring 2022 - Ancient Egypt
Parent Overview Autumn 2021 - How has transport changed over time? and What can we use our land for?


Y5 Maths Overview
Y5 English Overview 

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Alton Castle April 2022









Autumn Term 2021

The children used hatching and pointilism techniques to creat pieces of artwork - they joined their individual pieces of work together to form an image of Batman.


Summer Term 2019

During the summer term all our children enjoyed taking part in an art day.  The year 5 art competition winner is pictured below.

Spring Term 2019

In the autumn term, Progressive Sports came in to help us learn a song and dance from the musical 'Matilda'. This was brilliant fun as we had the pleasure of watching a performance of this at a local high school. Also relating to getting active, Mrs Wall from Rawlett came to deliver some workshops on Volleyball, we had a lot of fun and are looking forward to going to Rawlett in the spring term to play in a tournament. 

On another note, Year 5 produced some wonderful work and lead some very thoughtful collective worship during the month of November. These were held to commemorate remembrance day, it was a really special time for us.



Autumn Term 2018

Year five have had a fantastic start to the year, they have enjoyed participating in Commando Joe sessions, which resulted in a reward day on a gigantic inflatable. They were also lucky enough to attend QEMS to take part in high school science and music lessons. In addition to these activities, Year five chose their favourite saint through speed sainting; they eventually chose St Jude as their number one saint.




Summer Term 2018

During the Summer term, year five have been learning about space. We thought it would be nice to work closely with year one, who were also learning about space. We decided to make posters and fact files and teach year one about the solar system. Both classes learned a lot for each other and had a wonderful time.

Later in the Summer term, year five were invited along to St Francis high school to take part in a DT and MFL day. Year five were able to take part in French and German lessons as well as product design, engineering and food technology classes. It gave our children an insight into what life at high school will be like and they represented St Elizabeth's well.



Autumn Two 2017

On Thursday 1st March, Year 5 celebrated World Book Day in style. We had a great range of characters and the children shown real passion for reading. We even completed a reading themed maths relay. We had a great day!

The Spring term also saw the start of Commando Joe. Year 5 are fortunate to have a session booked with Commando Joe every Tuesday. Each week we learn about different virtues through team activities, this photos below show our work in improving teamwork and cooperation.

Earlier in the Spring term we were invited to a cooking workshop at one of our local high schools, Rawlett. We chose to make pizzas and besides from being tasty, it gave the children in year 5 a taste of what life in high school is like.




Autumn One 2017

During this first half term, year five students had the opportunity to visit QEMS, one of our local high schools, to take part in lessons from a selection of subject areas in a secondary school environment.  They absolutely loved their day, some of the highlights included creating soundscapes in music and creating 'Day of the Dead' masks in Art.  We had the opportunity to learn about forces in science, desert survival in geography and problem solving in maths.

In class, as part of the topic upon the plague, we have been getting into character, putting ourselves into the rotten shoes of a plague victim.  We have studied the impact that this terrible affliction had on local communities and have written our own 14th century diaries.  Come and read the gruesome details if you dare!



2016 - During the first half of the autumn term, Year Five explored Alchemy Island.  They followed a quest around this fictional island in search of gold.  They created maps and write fantasy narratives, as well as tracking their progress using grid references.  In P.E. Year Five worked upon their tennis skills.