Year One

Sports day 2021





Parent Overview Summer 2022 - Is there life beyond Earth? Are you ready for the Carnival?
Parent Overview Spring 2022 - How well do you know Great Britain? and What was London like?
Parent Overview Autumn 2021 - What does it mean to be a hero? and Are all places the same?


Y1 Maths Overview
Y1 English Overview 

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Spring 2020

This term Year One have enjoyed learning about the United Kingdom.  We have explored the monuments of London, painted landscapes as part of our Art day.  We have learned about places of importance in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as our home town of Tamworth.  We also enjoy our friends from Year 6 reading with us.  Our Reading Champions help us with our books.  



Summer 2019

During the summer term all our children enjoyed taking part in an art day.  The Year one winner of the art competition is pictured below.

Autumn 2018

​What an exciting start we have had to Year 1.  We have grown up so fast and we are really becoming super learners.  We have enjoyed so many activities this term already including a visit to the farm, learnig about our class and school saints through music, becoming super writers and mathematicians and of course working hard to show the new Reception class how much fun it is at our school.  We have all learned so much.  Did you know that you can use a conjunction to make a sentence longer?  Did you know that by drawing out the calculations in maths it helps you to solve them? We do! In our RE lessons we have learned all about God's wonderful world through creation and we have written some amazing prayers.  We even plan our own collective worship to share these prayers in.  Here are some photographs of us at work. 

Summer Term 2018

​This term we had so much fun learning about Dinosaurs and zooming to the moon!  We enjoyed the sunny days in our outside role play area - digging for dinosaurs and working in our outdoor writing area.  In Music we sang a fabulous dinosaur song and a song all about the planets.  We had a busy term with our Phonics but we are all ready proud of our acheivements.  We went ghost-busting with ipads trying to crack codes to help us learn the sounds in real and alien words.  We enjoyed working with Year 4 when they came to teach us how to tell the time.  We also enjoyed working with Year 5 who were also learning about Space.   We were able to share our knowleddge with the older children.  In our RE time, it was lovely to welcome our parents in to share a Collective Worship.  We are now prepared for Year 2 and we are looking forward to growing up in our new class. 

Spring Term 2018

This term we have really enjoyed learning about animals as part of our topic 'Paws.claws and whiskers'.  We have had a fabulous role play area and have really enjoyed becoming vets.  In our maths work, we are now able to count on and back on a number line, as well as add and subtract.  We can also identify the value of each digit in a 2 digit number.  We have read some amazing books in our English work, one of our favourites was Handa's surprise.  We made animal masks as part of this work.  We have journeyed together in our faith and followed the life of Jesus from Christmas to Lent.  We have enjoyed sharing the stories of Jesus' parables and miracles.  



Autumn Term One - 2017

During our first half term in Year One, we have all grown up so much and have settled in to our new routines.  We have learnt so many new things, including writing some super sentences, problem solving and reasoning in  maths.  We have enjoyed some lively prayer services in class.  We had a really exciting day out to Packington Farm where we went on a beautiful woodland walk.  



2016 - This term we have had some exciting activities including a visit from a toy museum, a visit to a farm and a teddy bear picnic.  We have also enjoyed our maths lessons and our collective worship.  Just some of our activities in our first term in Year One.