Meet our Staff

Teaching Staff

Mrs M Walsh – Head Teacher
Mrs S Colloff – Deputy Head Teacher

Miss Emery - Reception Teacher
Miss Thomas – Year One Teacher
Mrs Kesseler – Year Two Teacher (SENCO)
Ms Stafford - Year Three Teacher
Mrs Bagshaw – Year Four Teacher
Mr Moxon – Year Five Teacher
Miss Hussey - Year Six Teacher
Mrs Byrne

Teaching Assistants

Miss Gray
Mrs McSweeney – Reception Class
Miss Dolman – Year One
Mrs Norris - Year Two
Mrs Kennedy – Year Three
Mrs Hutton – Year Five
Mrs Hardy  – Year Six


Mrs Atkins – Office Manager
Mrs Dutton – Clerical Assistant
Mr Haywood – Site Technician

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Whorwood – Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Austin – Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Rose - Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Raczka - Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Bruce - Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Warrillow - Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Bennett - Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Dix – Cook
Mrs Reynolds - Catering Assistant


Pre School Staff

Mrs Martin – Pre School Supervisor
Mrs Thomas - Pre School Supervisor (Maternity Leave)
Mrs Kijak – Pre School Practitioner

Out of Hours Clubs

Mrs Oxford - Out of Hours Club Supervisor
Mrs Hutton - Out of Hours Club Assistant Supervisor
Mrs Whorwood – Out of Hours Club Assistant