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Design Technology

Design technology at St. Elizabeth’s



ImplementationDesign Technology is taught in blocks of work based on a progression of knowledge and skills. Each term, pupils will take part in a class ‘DT’ day where they are designers and makers for the day.  DT lessons are as experimental and creative as possible with pupils experimenting with a wide range of resources and techniques.  Each class will also take part in a cooking/nutrition day each year.


  • have opportunities to be investigate a range of products,

  • develop their creativity through designing products of their own to solve problems and meet different needs,

  • develop their making skills using a range of tools and techniques,

  • appreciate and evaluate their own designs work and the work of others (including famous designers),

  • gain an understanding of the impact of designs and products on daily life,

  • develop an understanding of nutrition and healthy eating through cooking.


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