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Geography at St. Elizabeth’s

Through the geography curriculum, we aim for pupils to:

-gain an understanding of Tamworth (as their home town) in relation to England, the United Kingdom and the wider world,

-gain an understanding of physical features of the earth and how these can affect people,

-gain an understanding of how people use the earth’s resources,

-research independently, develop map reading skills and undertake fieldwork to deepen their knowledge and understanding about the locality and beyond,

-understand how the actions of humans can affect the environment.

Implementation: Geography is taught in half termly topics, linked to the national curriculum.  A school progression of knowledge and skills provides objectives for teachers to plan a series of lessons which take place weekly.  Geography lessons are as investigative as possible promoting enquiry and questioning about the world and how we use it.  Visits and visitors to school are used to bring geography to life.


Click here: Geography progression - Map skills

Click here: Geography progression - Location and place knowledge

Click here: Geography progression - Human and physical geography