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Our Parish and the Sacraments

Our close link with the Parish of St John the Baptist, Tamworth, is very important to us and our school. We work closely with our Priests and Deacons.  We also serve the community of St Michael the Archangel and St James the Less in Haunton. Click the link below to access our parish website; 

St John the Baptist parish 

Mass times

St John the Baptist Catholic Church

Saturday 6pm (vigil Mass for Sunday)

Sunday 10.30am

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Sunday 9am and 12pm 


Our children are taught to become kind, respectful, forgiving and caring young people. Great care is taken to make links between the Gospels and our day to day behaviour and treatment of others.

Jesus is at the heart of our school and we welcome and value equally all members of our school community, Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

Our school motto

 ‘We listen, learn and grow with Jesus’ 

reflects the ethos of our school, and we are proud to share our faith with each other.


We have strong links with our Parish.  Children lead Parish Masses on a Sunday during Advent, Lent and during Sacramental preparations. We support the Heart of Tamworth community projects through our charitable work. Fr Michael and Fr Ramesh visit school regularly to support our faith journey and RE work.


Archbishop Bernard Longley blessed the Heart of Tamworth pantry and clothes shop as well as the community garden and composting project at Sacred Heart. Open to the public soon.


Year 3 children received the Scarment of Reconciliation in March.  They were reflective and faith-filled as Fr. Michael told them how to grow closer to Jesus as they now prepare for their First Holy Communion in May. 

School led Advent family Mass 2023




Sacramental preparation occurs as joint working partnership between the school, parents and the parish.   


Our children start their Sacramental preparation with an Enrolment Mass at St John the Baptist Catholic Church at the beginning of the school year.  They renew their baptismal promises and staff, parents and parish pledge to support the children in their faith journey throughout the school year and beyond.

Our children received the Sacrament of Confirmation with Bishop Stephen. 

 Our children received their First Holy Communion from Fr. Ramesh at St John the Baptist Catholic Church. 


One of our pupils from Y1 was recently baptised by Fr Ramesh at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.  A beautiful celebration of his faith and the faith of his family.