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Our Prayer and Reflection spaces

This year the Laudato Si group are taking responsibility for our School Prayer Garden.  Mr Kimberley has helped us re-use a wooden cross which was displayed in our garden to show that we are all following our school mission of 'listen, learn and grow with Jesus'.

We do this in the knowledge and understanding that God created our beautiful world and that it is our responsibility to look after our world for future generations. 

                          Our prayer garden

Jane's garden

'Jane's garden' was opened in June 2023 in memory of Jane McSweeney,  a very much loved teaching assistant, colleague and friend to our school community at St Elizabeths. As a school we wanted to provide a reflection and reading space for all of our school community and beyond as a tribute to Jane who worked at St Elizabeths for over 30 years. Jane was dedicated to the children and her passion for Catholic education was recognised when she received the Ubi Caritas award after her retirement. Jane's garden was blessed by Fr Michael and we were joined by Jane's family and friends on this special day. 

Jane's family presented our school with her Ubi Caritas award. It is an honour to display this in our school entrance. Jane taught us so much through her faith and the love she showed us all.

Y4 used Jane's garden for their pupil led prayer and liturgy session. 

Our school altar and prayer space

Julie's bench and friendship stop

One of our much loved pupils Julie-Ann Martin sadly died in April 2023.  We created a friendship place in memory of Julie.  Y6 pupils raised money for a special rose for this area and Rebecca Brolley from BDES kindly donated a rose in memory of Julie.

Class prayer areas

KS2 prayer and reflection space

Our Ministers of Faith requested additional prayer spaces within the school.  They organised this prayer area in Key Stage Two.

Prayer area dedicated to Blessed Carlo Acutis 

Our school is working toward join the Blessed Carlo Acutis MAC.  We are working in partnership with other schools in the Birmingham diocese and we have been learning about the life of Blessed Carlo Acutis.  Quote from Blessed Carlo Acutis "The Eucharist is the highway to heaven."

Our pastoral reflection room

We support all our pupils in providing a space to reflect and to support emotions and self-regulation in the school day.