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Physical Education

Physical Education at St. Elizabeth’s

Through the physical education curriculum we aim to:

-promote a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity,

-ensure children understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle,

-allow all children to experience a broader range of activities and ways to keep active,

-develop pupils’ skills in individual sports and activities,

-support pupils to identify and nurture individual skills and talents,

-develop confidence when working as part of a team.


Implementation: PE is taught by class teachers and subject specialist coaches using our school’s progression of skills.  PE lessons are as active as possible and take place outdoors and in the school hall.  Pupils are introduced to a range of different games and sports according to the school’s long term plan.  They also experience dance and gymnastics.  All pupils are encouraged to take part in a wide range of activities and where a pupil is identified as having a particular interest or talent, this is nurtured.  Each year group takes part in a series of healthy lifestyle lessons to promote physical and mental well-being.  Our school takes part in different tournaments across the year internally and externally where pupils experience competition and  learn about the importance of good sportsmanship.  Termly enrichment days allow all pupils to experience new games, activities and sports.

Striver progression of skills