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Curriculum Overview

Our English curriculum is set into 3 areas in line with the expectations of the national curriculum. Our pupils learn about Spoken Language, Reading (word reading and comprehension) and Writing (transcription, composition and vocabulary, grammar and punctuation).

At St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School, we acknowledge the importance of a secure phonic knowledge to ensure a secure ability and confidence to read and write. We follow the phonic progression set out in our chosen phonic scheme 'Little Wandle'. Throughout the year, there are opportunities for parents to attend school for phonic workshops to gain a better understanding of how this is taught in school.

To support reading development across the school, pupils will read in a variety of different ways. They may read individually to an adult in school, in a group through ‘guided reading’ or even as a whole class through ‘shared reading.’ To support pupils as they read, we use the reading scheme ‘Collins’ as our core guided reading scheme.  These are completely decodable books and work alongside our phonic progression stages.   However, this is supplemented by other books which pupils take home as required, these are known as shared readers.

For further information about our English and Phonics curriculum, please see the additional English information on our website.  Alternatively, please make contact with our English leader – Mrs L Kesseler.

                                                       Reading at St. Elizabeth’s


Through our reading curriculum, we aim for pupils to: 

-gain a life-long love of reading

-develop the technical reading skills required to read fluently

-have the necessary skills to gain a good understanding of what they read

-develop their imagination through experiencing a wide range of texts, both modern and from our literary heritage 

-experience a wide range of vocabulary and styles of writing 

-use reading to gain information to support their learning across the curriculum.

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