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Parent Overview Spring 2024 - Why do ladybirds have spots? Why are carrots orange?

Parent Overview Autumn 2023 - Will you read me a story? Are we there yet?



Maths Overview
Please see the Our Faith area of the Website for information about your child's Religious Education.

Our vocations

Reception have been thinking about their vocations and what God is calling them to be. We know that we have to work hard so that we can achieve our goals and we are going to try our very best so that we can listen, learn and grow with Jesus. 



Prayer partners

Starting school can be daunting and to help this transition, we pair up a Year 6 child with our Reception children. We call these special friends our 'Prayer Partners'. 

We find it helps them to know that when they are out at playtimes there is always a friendly face around if they need help or someone to play with. They  have opportunities to help each other with their learning; Year 6 may come down to help reception log onto a computer, read together, share enrichment opportunities like Chinese New Year or even have time to colour or draw with them! 

They also sit together during assembly or Mass and Prayer Partners model how we sit and behave during whole school celebrations. They build a very special bond over the year and both the Year 6 and Reception children love time spent with their special friend! 



Making porridge

We also enjoyed receiving an email from Baby bear. He wanted to ask us for our help as Goldilocks had eaten all of his porridge! We had to follow the instructions carefully to make some more porridge. Then we chose our toppings and enjoyed eating it! We also talked about how the porridge changed in consistency when adding liquid to it and when heating it.      



Our first few weeks in Reception

Reception have been settling into their new routines and building relationships with their friends. We have been developing our understanding of sharing, turn taking and using kind hands, feet and voices.