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Year Three


Parent Overview Spring 2024 - Gods & Mortals, Tremors - What makes the world wobble?

Parent Overview Autumn 2023 - What was life like 5000 years ago? Where does our food come from? 

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In year 3 we have been exploring what makes us different from our friends. We looked at what special skills we had as God loving individuals. Some of us dance, take part in martial arts, play for football teams, swim, read and some of us take part in gymnastics. We learnt that we are all different but loved by God and each other.

We also focused on friendships and what makes a healthy and respectful friendship. Here we have shared some of our favourite photos of us and our friends.


We love science in year 3! Here are some photos of us creating and learning all about the human skeleton.    


At St Elizabeth’s each year group leads a Mass. It was year 3’s turn to lead the Catholic Holy Mass, and we decided to add current events and issues into our bidding prayers, to keep our Mass as up to date as possible.  

We have re-read back through the Parable of the Prodigal son. The parable of The Prodigal Son shown us that God loves everybody, and nothing we can do will stop Him from loving us. We also learnt about different types of sin, and the importance of forgiveness in relationships.

We acted out an important message about Jesus forgiving our sins. One of us volunteered to be Jesus, and the rest of us were sinners. Miss Beale made up stories about sinners and spoke to us about the different types of sin.

When God and Jesus forgave our sins, he tore the symbolic sin labels from our jumpers and tore them into two - forgiving us for our sins.